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contextual advertising

Contextual advertising

Guaranteed sales growth




From simple to the most complex projects with scale, automation and analytics

ROI oriented

ROI oriented

Only working methods are used to make your business profitable.

Synchronization with analytics

Synchronization with analytics

All decisions are made only on the basis of analytics.

systems approach

Systems approach

More than 450 projects experience.

Google Partner Premier

Google Partner Premier

We are in the TOP-3 agencies according to Google.

Comprehensive promotion = maximum sales

We use the most proven and innovative features of Google Ads


Advertising when a customer needs a product or service

Sites partners

Visual advertising for better memorability and stimulation


Strengthening brand promotion

Shopping campaigns

The best solution for online stores


Additionally: careful work with analytics and financial performance of the business

How we are working?

Analysis of traffic specifics, compiling a semantic core, ​analysis of competitors and company advantages, ​creating a profitable unique selling proposition, ​advertising concept development, ​studying the account structure. ​Creation campaigns according to the latest trends and practices to get the highest conversion at the lowest cost. ​Setting up contextual advertising takes an average of 3-5 business days; for complex projects - by agreement. Coordination. Launch.

* We work with client accounts or create new ones with the provision of access.


Running campaigns with daily audits and adjustments until the campaigns are brought to a stable level. Connecting a contextual advertising monitoring system with a monitoring frequency of up to 1 hour.


Regular audit of campaigns, making necessary adjustments for effective campaign performance (bids, budgets, ads, negative keywords, ad group structure, keywords, tactics changes, extensions, conversions, etc.). ​Weekly reporting. We do not make one-time settings, since contextual advertising is a fairly complex dynamic system that requires constant monitoring. In addition, the functionality of the Google Ads system itself is constantly updated, which must be quickly implemented. ​Campaign management allows you to save up to 60% of the budget for advertising campaigns.


Additional features


Synchronization of advertising campaigns with site analytics, tracking and analyzing the quality of advertising and other traffic sources, analytics of conversion rates, adjusting the promotion strategy in accordance with performance indicators, synchronization with the client's sales department, working with financial indicators and optimizing profitability, providing summary reports in Data Studio.


Systematic hourly monitoring of campaigns to track anomalous phenomena, failures, blocking, click fraud, with followed by manual adjustments and timely solutions.

 ​We don't work with clients for 1-2 months! We have been cooperating with many customers for more than 5 years! We build working models of Internet business that bring profit to our clients. Our goal is a mutually beneficial long-term business!

With us you get:

High quality traffic

We regularly manually track quality traffic by topical search query and user behavior.

Rational approach

We use not just popular methods and tools, but those that have proven effectiveness in practice.

Progress and growth

We understand how to scale a business in terms of efficiency.

The best innovation

We are a Google Partner Premier and one of the first to receive new products from Google.

Sales increase over

Profitability up to

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Advanced option - working with Google Tags implementation

google tags implementation

We don't just place ads, we understand how Google works inside. We organize a close connection between the Google server and the site through the tag system for effective promotion.

Custom events and parameters, dynamic remarketing, feeds, ecommerce analytics (standard and enhanced) and more opportunities for effective work with Google Ads.

Our skill level verified by search engines

We work in any country where Google and Facebook Ads are available

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